Scenic Design

Scenic design is probably the design element that has the most impact on a production, which makes me love it in that I'm affecting nearly everything about the show, and involved from the earliest conception, but it's tough in that it takes more time and manpower than lighting or sound. The scenic designs I do tend to be very big and ambitious, and are generally created to alter the space in a fundamental way, taking the expectations that people have when they walk into a theater that they know, and twisting them around, throwing them off balance, and leaving them open to a whole new set of possibilities from the show itself. Whether it's turning the tiny and off-kilter Hyde Park Theater into a thrust stage with thirteen tons of rock on the floor, or turning the Off-Center around so that no audience member is more than two rows away from the giant Tesla Coil that spouts off in the middle of a Rude Mechs show, I enjoy immersing the audience in the world of the production.

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all the contestants in front of the flag wide shot of the stage fugitive pieces the group standing
lana on the swing tesla in the hotel joey as elvis kneival the dance
shawn as interviewer negotiations in tesla carny in fugitive pieces lana and jason alone

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