Parties and Events

Some of the biggest jobs we do are, ironically, events that last only one day, or even a few hours. This page will show some images from several different events that I've designed: An opening night party for Cirque du Soleil when they made their Austin debut in 2003, A Garden  Party held as a fundraiser for Physical Plant Theater, and the Austin Film Society's Texas Film Hall of Fame - another fundraiser, and one of Austin's biggest and most fabulous parties, complete with media filled red carpet and even (one year) a huge fireworks display afterwards.

wide shot of the garden party wide shot of the yard seating in the yard groups mingling at the garden party
bar at the garden party bar at the cirque party oil barrel tables dance floor at cirque party
dance floor at cirque party 2003 Hall of Fame room 2003 room 2004 reception tent
2004 full room 2005 Reception movie screen on the red carpet red carpet at the Hall of Fame awards
main room at hall of fame 2005 main room opposite view the main room with people fireworks after the party

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